Hailey Baldwin became a strong advocate of Normani

A user on Instagram made comments against Normani that neither the fans, nor the wife of Justin Bieber left overlooked.

Hailey Bieber will not remain silent in the face comments trollswhether these go against her or someone else, as happened with Normani.

During the celebration of Halloween, the former Fifth Harmony shared in his account of Instagram its transformation into Cher. The singer emulated the famous photo that Cher did in 1979 for the lens of acclaimed photographer Harry Langdon. For many followers Normani, the costume came out excellent. Others considered it inappropriate.

In means of the harsh comments made by a user, not only the fans involved, also Hailey Baldwin, who launched a hard-hitting message.

What you replied Hailey Baldwin to the user?

The details in the video above.

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