Hailey Baldwin furious with the criticism for his alleged plastic surgeries


Something that constantly suffer celebrities are critical about your physical appearance: if you have gained weight or lost weight too, if that new cut or hair color it works or not, if the outfit you chose was successful or a resounding failure and, of course, if you are part of those famous who don’t have plastic surgeries or if, rather, it seems that the knife and other cosmetic procedures have become an obsession for them.

Since Justin Bieber shared his first photo with his wife (when the canadian singer was 15 years old and the american model 13), began to emerge strong rumors that Hailey Baldwin had been subjected to some aesthetic processes (such as rhinoplasty and facial fillers).

Recently a user on social networks has put together a collage, doing a comparative of Hailey currently against the teenage version this celeb, pretending to try with this Baldwin had done touch-ups on his face.

But, despite the fact that this famous does not always respond to criticism of his haters (as when Justin Bieber shut the door in the face of Hailey Baldwin in an uncomfortable moment that it became viral), and this time the bff of Kendall Jenner is not kept quiet and decided to defend themselves against this accusation.