Halle Berry and the secret behind his new abdomen stroke


After discovering how it was the strong training of Halle Berry for his role in the film ‘John Wick 3’ (which has many action scenes) and realized its great condition, it was difficult to imagine that this famous could improve even more your body… but it did!

Since a few weeks, it is common to see that the american actress shared Instagram videos or pictures of the workout routine that continues in the usual way and that in the last few months has considerably intensified to prepare for his next film: Bruised, a drama of martial arts that she herself directs and which will give life to a fighter withdrawal.

And although he has worked in your entire body, the exercises that are most notable in his abdomen that is totally shocking!

The impressive physical appearance that looks Berry at 53 years generates a longstanding fascination more than understandable among their fans, who now have been left with the mouth open to discover the abs of steel that she has achieved.

‘There is no better feeling than setting a goal and exceeding it. Face the film ‘Bruised,’ I I had planned to get a few abdominal markings and today I can finally say that I have attained. It is a satisfaction amazing!’, he explained Halle in a amazing photo that you shared on Instagram next to an image that appears in the rising up the shirt to show his marked abdomen!