Halle Berry in a tape of imminent catastrophe


Halle Berry will be accompanied by a great cast that will help save the planet in this movie. File

LOS ANGELES.-Halle Berry will join Josh Gad in the front of the cast of “Moonfall”, a new band of apocalyptic of all an expert of this subgenre such as Roland Emmerich and tells one imminent catastrophe after the Moon out of its orbit and headed toward Earth.

The magazine the Hollywood Reporter said that Berry, winner of the Oscar for best actress for “Monster”s Ball” (2001), will be incorporated into this project last week already had been joined by Josh Gad.

An astronaut
The role of Gad will be a brilliant scientist but chaotic identifying before anyone else the new direction of the moon and change its course to save humanity, while the role of Berry is a former astronaut who seems to know the key to avoiding the catastrophe.

Although it is considered as a big star in Hollywood, Berry has not been involved in many film projects in recent years. The actress will be involved in the usual lag of explosions and digital effects to which we are accustomed, the director of ‘Independence Day’.

The actress debuted last year with “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum”, the third installment of the blockbuster action series that starred Keanu Reeves; and in 2017 appeared in three tapes: “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, “Kings” and “Kidnap”.

In the immediate future plans to brand new, when the crisis of the coronavirus allow the opening of cinemas, the film “Bruised”, which will be his debut as a director.

The German filmmaker Roland Emmerich known as anyone the secrets of bringing the end of the world to the big screen, since his filmography includes titles apocalyptic as ‘2012’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘Godzilla’ and ‘Midway’.

In the tape, the moon out of its orbit, causing numerous natural disasters and threatening them with total extinction a time to impact against the Earth, being an eccentric scientist (played by Josh Gad, the only one with the key to stop the disaster.


Actors:Halle Berry and Josh Gad
Director:Roland Emmerich
A mysterious force moves the Moon from its orbit around Earth and sends it towards a collision.