Halsey after winning their first Love: “These awards are not what they seem” | Culture and entertainment | Edition America


The singer Halsey starred in one of the most applauded of delivery of awards American Music Awards (AMAs) when after winning in the category “favourite pop song” played down the importance of the industry awards for “not being what they seem”.

“When I was a child I used to believe that these awards were the ultimate validation -recognized Halsey on the scenario. But the truth is that now I am older and I am also an artist who apparently is doing well. Most of these awards really are not what they seem”.

His speech on the importance of the awards promoted by the music industry came days after his name was one of those absent in the nominations for the Grammy awards, recently announced by the Recording Academy in the U.S.

“I grew up watching shows like this, I sat at home with eyes wide open and saw artists with dresses and suits are beautiful, walking up the stairs towards the stage and holding these awards is usually clad in gold and brilliant heavy as metaphors,” recalled the artist.

“These trophies they were supposed to be a kind of validation for the work heartbreaking and painful that he had to write a song and give it life. And to be honest with you, I really believed that fairy tale,” he admitted.

But at the same time, Halsey wanted to thank you for the recognition to Love, “for being the most important awards voting followers”.

“And thank you to the ‘fans’ because they are those who really care about the music, and these awards by giving them a voice,” he said.

These words of Halsey were interpreted by numerous social network users as a hint to the Grammys, some awards are considered more prestigious, and outside commercial interests but that, unlike those you Love voted experts of the industry and not the general public.

“Sometimes you learn and grow and the things you believe about the stars begin to lose their magic. But the music never does, because the true ‘fans’ and the real music alive that magic”, he concluded.

For his part, Taylor Swift was the absolute winner of the American Music Awards (AMAs) by winning five awards and being named “artist of the decade”.