How Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson ended their relationship?


A few months ago started the rumors that assure that Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson are committedhowever, a few hours ago, a tweet appears to have put in doubt this theory and, even, to confirm the rupture sentimental of these celebs.

Speculations about a possible wedding began circulating through the fault of a few photographs taken while the two young people enjoyed a holiday in Saint Tropez both wearing what appeared to be a gold ring on the ring finger. However, none of the two clarified those rumours.

But now, many users of the internet ensure that the actresses would have put an end to their love story, because the same Cara Delevingne confirmed that she and Ashley Benson ended up all over Twitter!

‘Ashley and I ended up in’read the message that the English model posted and removed in a few minutes (which has made many people to assume that you probably were hacked into the account of Face).

But there is another recent publication of Delevingne that seem to support the suspicion that just end up with the star of ‘Pretty Little Liars’.

‘Only I want to remind all of the importance of crying. Even if the tears do not fall from your eyeswe all must feel at some point. We are not robots, we are not meant to be well all the time. I am proud of my emotions, good or bad. I want to share something that I wrote while crying ‘you don’t have to cry with your eyes closedif you open it, you will see the courage that it takes to swim alone in the ocean’, he wrote this celeb a few weeks ago on Instagram along with a photo, black and white, in which she appears playing her face and without makeup.