I feel better than ever, can’t wait to return to the court


Serena Williams, of 38 years, can’t wait to return to the court once you restart the season, with the coronavirus stopping the action for more than two months. On Tuesday, Serena and her sister Venus had a conversation on Instagram, talking about various topics and enjoying the time with his fans.

The 23-time champion of Major League said that cobra is the best ever, that utilized a pair of months previous to recover and give your body the necessary rest after numerous injuries in recent years and many tournaments that he had to miss.

Serena is anxious to return to the court and compete again, attempting to win the elusive 24th crown greater than it has been looking for since the Australian Open three years ago, after the victory over her sister Venus for its last title, remarkable up to now.

Coming back after pregnancy in 2018, Williams reached the final at Wimbledon, losing to Angelique Kerber in straight sets in a row and going back to the 30 after the start of the event in the position 181.

Serena lost early in San Jose and Cincinnati, saving his best tennis to the Best of your local in New York, where he competed again for the crown, winning only six games against Naomi Osaka by another setback at Majors.

Jumping the rest of 2018, Williams played well in Wimbledon, Toronto and New York last year, advancing in three games for the title and perdiéndolos all against Simona Halep and Bianca Andreescu, remaining with empty hands and still looking for that 24th crown, probably after the third.

output round at the Australian Open this January. “I hope to return to the court,” said Serena. “It’s what I do best and I love to play. I felt that my body needed, though not what I wanted; now I feel better than ever.

I feel more relaxed, more in shape and now I can go out to play tennis truth, ” said the american.