I Halle Berry responds to people who criticize it for being the new “little Mermaid”!

After shaking to know that Halle Berry was to become the protagonist of the Live Action “The little Mermaid” of Disney, thousands of people commented.

Some comments were in support of the singer and many others to claim that Disney chose to a completely different person to the famous little mermaid.

halle-berry-little mermaid-classic-disney

While Ariel the cartoon of the Disney classic is white skin, red hair and blue eyes, contrary to what is Berry.

halle-berry-little mermaid-classic-disney

Teasing and offenses against them are propagated in such a manner that it has generated a discussion around the world about whether you should or should not interpret it. Some have even suggested that leave the role.

halle-berry-little mermaid-classic-disney

In such a situation, the actress has finally broken the silence and has shared through his Twitter a phrase.

“Too blessed to be stressed”

Some people responded to the comments of the also singer and it showed in support.

Others have even created the hashtag #NotMyAriel (Not my Ariel)

Until now, few details of the tape, but there are already rumors that the role of prince Eric could be in charge of Harry Styles.

What do you think?