“I saw jesus Christ during a week”: this was the traumatic experience of Lady Gaga for smoking cessation | News, Fashion


It seems that Lady Gaga made many New Year resolutions. Now with his latest single, Stupid Love, has regained the aesthetic extravagant of its inception, has left another thing: tobacco. Confessed in a recent interview on the programme in new zealand New Music Daily with Zane Lowe, Apple’s Music. And recalled the experience as “brutal”.

“I have come to a complete stop, but it came to smoking 40 cigarettes a day”, said the singer. The process was not easy. “I have stopped blow, but it has been very hard. I will not smoking ever before, I believe that I saw jesus Christ during a week. It was terrible,” said the italoamericana about the early days of mono. And took the podium to give advice to the listeners: “If you do not or not you smoke, don’t begin! Leave it then it takes”. Asked about if there would be, Gaga did not hesitate. “I swore that I will never do it.”

This is not the first time that the artist becomes news due to a defect. Last year, he tattooed a rose surrounded by the words La vie en rose, and a staff with notes. As she herself confessed, she likes to tattoo in two and two. But something was wrong in the second picture: the staff only contained four lines. The to call the attention of one of the fans got a clear answer. “This is what happens when you drink and you tatúas”, do not hesitate to write. Within A few hours, shared the drawing modified.

So this 2020 full of news for the winner of the Oscar for her theme Shallow. The announcement of his sixth studio album (still no title known, or date of publication) and her new boyfriend, businessman Michael Polansky, adds this change of habits healthy. Will you be able to also generate headlines and interest with their new items?