In jogging and underwear: the postcard from Becky G that astonished all


May 19, 2020 8:47

The singer shared a posting that generated a great repercussion on social networks.

Becky G
Becky G and a photo that sparked sighs in the networks.

Becky G they stole the eyes of their followers with a publication that did just a few hours ago.

The singer shared a posting where she looks very comfortable in the bodice, and jogging.

Becky G
Becky G posed in the bodice and jogging and generated thousands of followers to give like to your post.

Like many celebrities, the figure of the Latin music you have opted to promote a product on your social network.

“Always the most beautiful, you’re beautiful forever”, “I love Becky, the talent you have and what you generate in the people,” “This woman has talent and her beauty exceeds all”, “Bravo Becky, I am waiting for your next single for the dance floor more than ever” were some of the messages that circulated under the photo on the part of fans of the performer.

Becky G showed its tail to celebrate the 50 million copies of “Bad Santa”

Becky G and his gaze on the female revolution

To be consulted on the female revolution in the world and in the music scene, the brunette said that she feels very proud and sentenced: “I love it because we’re going to continue doing what we like. There are No limits for us. May God bless the women!”.

In that sense, he said that he does not feel “bomba sexy” and he added that it puts “red just thinking about it”. “I wake up early, workout, have breakfast and then go out to work. I confess that I am flirty and I like very much choose the clothes, but I don’t think a bomb as they walk by saying, shot.

On the other hand, said that each song on the latest release is “a story” and noted that it was not “limited to a single gender.”

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