In shape with the workout spartan Halle Berry


Halle Berry it is one of the actresses most admired in the world, and your workouts are inspiring to the millions of people who follow, 4,4 if we mean only in Instagram. And that is, the star spends almost all his publications on this social network at the fitness and share the sessions you carried out with your personal trainer Peter Lee Thomas. Thanks to this expert, the interpreter, american is getting in shape for their next action movie, John Wick 3, an important challenge because Berry not use double in that shoot. At 51 years, his physique is spectacular, a fact that confirmed Lee Thomas when he went to the u.s. program The Doctors to explain the details of his work with the film’s star. “It’s a superheroine and superhumana of flesh and bone,” said his coach. Thanks to this tv appearance and the video of the actress herself shared on Instagram, we have been able to discover how it is being their intense and varied training.

Lee Thomas and Berry train five or six times a week with disciplines that include martial arts, boxing, functional drills focused on strengthening the core – abdominal area and lower back – , weight lifting and even yoga and meditation. These last two practices, apart from improving the flexibility and strengthen the muscles, can positively change the cellular metabolism and to reduce the chances of suffering from chronic diseases, according to a study from the University of Harvard.

The variety of training practice are designed to prepare Halle to face their next role killer from the tape of action that will begin to roll soon. Coach and client have been focused on preparing the body of the actress to support the choreography of the fight in which the force and the resistance are just as important as accuracy, balance or concentration: “It is not easy and I am very proud of her, then to his 51-year-old is doing all their action scenes”, he has told Lee Thomas. In addition, it is shown that not to repeat the same workout daily but switch from one to another from time to time guarantees the constancy, because it is difficult to fall into boredom.

The coach also warns that you do not need millions to be the best version of yourself: “It is not a problem of a lack of resources but lack of resourcefulness”. To fix it, Peter Lee Thomas proposes measures as easy to copy as use bottles of water of five litres and weights, a towel as a resistance band and sliders with that sliding on the floor or perform routines in which your own body is the only one involved.