Is it more difficult to ‘be good’ that ‘be good’? The debate is on Twitter


We don’t know if the intention of the creators of Twitter was the platform to become a place for ongoing discussion of any topics; what seems increasingly evident is that it is the social network of the ‘opinadores’. And with their tweets as a speaker, some people become trend by launching their reflections more or less successful.

One of the last to become viral has been Wall Street Wolverinean influencer remarkable with close to 100,000 followers he says that “to say that the beauty standards are more stringent in women that in men is have no idea”. A little bit of the urge to fight had, it is hard to see another way.

Wolverine is also youtuberwith 300,000 followers on that platform talking about political and economical topics. But yesterday he stressed especially on Twitter for his attempts to prove that being attractive is more difficult for men than for women. And first example, puts Margot Robbie at the side of Chris Hemsworth, perhaps a comparison is ill-chosen.

His meditations include phrases like this: “A woman with a balanced diet and exercise you can achieve that physique without too much of a problem with constancy. The physical man are, instead, very advanced. Are physical or many years of training or directly use chemistry to achieve it.” Given the fact that in order to be attractive you have to be a weightlifter semi-professional, of course.

Among the thousands of comments, a high percentage despising the words of Wolverine, there is a multitude of girls that argue that even doing exercise and maintaining a healthy diet will not get those bodies… Something obvious to anyone familiar with the concepts of metabolism and genetics, but the youtuber refuses to accept as well.

Nor is it easy to follow him in his thread of reasoning: “it Is a glimpse of a culture of envy and mediocrity tremendous. Chasing the extraordinary vanagloriar conformism“she says as an apparent response to the criticism he has been receiving and as a meditation end of the thread. Ehm, what?

The fact that put to Angelina Jolie as one of the female examples, suspect that has happened at some time or other the operating room, gives a clue that the argument has, to be generous, points flimsy. As his own formulation to begin with.