It happened the unthinkable! Anuel leave Karol G for this wrist why does he do it?


A time to here, the Latin couple do not think twice to tell their intimate secrets to their followers through the social networks, and in this publication the controversy, and the displeasure is out of tone.

Karol G and Anuel AA are artists of the genre trap, a style that carries millions of latino and other latitudes, and that revolutionized the music with its rhythm and lyrics. As a new way of generating content, the lovers have decided to go telling little by little its techniques to maintain the ‘sex appeal’ live.

Your samples of love ranging from engage photos on the personal account of each one, to make things unusual in video to show to their fans. Weeks ago, the boricua posted in your account in Instagram the photo of him embracing the beautiful Karol G and his ‘companion of the night’ in what seems to be one of the vehicles of the artist.

The above photo captured in Malaga (Spain), has already more than 2 million of ‘likes’, are shown embracing each other and displaying to his followers an inflatable doll, which has created suspicion and the insinuation that the plastic object “accompanies” in their meetings as a way of being creative.

Anuel and his lover inflatable

Without shame for the ‘what say?’ the famous duo seems to have set a goal: break any taboo and be open, offering answers to personal details, which are not all published; some internet users warn Karol G “the lover of Anuel AA” in reference to the doll inflatable right next to it, she does not look disgusted with it.

“Anuelhow you are going to unfaithful to Karol with a doll inflatable? Are you crazy!” is one of the reactions to the image. “Tiny babies” are the couple that has been giving what to talk about during these months and everything seems to indicate that this trend will not changeá.