Jennifer Aniston wore the engagement ring that he gave Brad Pitt the day of your reunion



Maybe you’re too young to know it… but in the 90s there was a couple practically “perfect” in Hollywood: Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt seemed to have a relationship of your dreams.

The chemistry flowed between them, that they were married in Malibu after only five months of dating. The summer of the year 2000 was graced from your mentioned link.


Attending countless events together, the couple always drew the attention of the media… but it all ended suddenly.

The separation Pitt-Aniston always attributed it to the romance of “discord” that Brad started with Angelina Jolie during the filming of the tape Mr. & Mrs. Smith. However, later it was learned that the problems already had a long prior history.


In an exclusive interview for Vanity Fair, the famous protagonist of Friends clarified it all:

We were put on a pedestal… but we were a normal couple. We thought different and you can’t force a relationship, even when people have idealized ( … ), but I’m grateful to have lived it. What I truly love and I will love them the rest of my life. (Brad) is a man fantastic. I do not regret anything.


For his part, Brad said in his time that he separated from Jennifer on “good terms”. Without delving too much into the matter, said that at that time he discovered that he wanted to live in “other experiences.”

Although it has been more than 10 years of their unfortunate breakup, none of the two has spoken ill of his ex-partner, on the contrary, the compliments are always present.. and perhaps multiple memories “physical” as well.


Months ago, the Internet exploded to broadcast a series of photographs of Brad and Aniston together, just in the framework of the awards SAG Awards. The two stars greeted each other with much affection, so much so that speculations of “reconciliation” were not lacking… but it didn’t materialize.

A lot is talked about that moment, but thanks to somefont close to Jennifer Aniston interviewed in Daily Mirror, it is stated that the ring that Aniston wore that night, it was the same jewel of 500 thousand dollars that Brad Pitt had proposed marriage.


The award-winning actress did not rule about this, but if true, it may not have been a coincidence that the did that day, because I knew that very possibly would be to your ex-husband.

They say that “where there was fire, ashes remain”. Could it be that Aniston is still feeling something for Brad?, perhaps only maintain a beautiful and unusual friendship of ex?, what do you think?

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