Jennifer Lawrence has published their wedding list on Amazon


Updated 29/09/2019 17:29

After 10 months of relationship, the actress surprised the world with a happy news, his future wedding to the art dealer Cooke Maroney. And although there is still unknown the details of the link, like the dress, the location or even the date, since there is one thing that has been made public: your wedding list.

“Planning a wedding is very exciting but can be overwhelming. So, for those who need something inspiracin, thought it would be fun to share some of my objects of desire”. With these words, Jennifer Lawrence presented in the Amazon web your wedding list.

A series of articles divided into several sections, including cooking, travel, wellness or to receive at home. And the truth is that far from asking for custom items or extravagant or carsimos, the actress has surprised us with a choice of objects of the ms tiles, and some of them have been cast and also among our favorites.

It seems by your choice one of the things that ms likes the couple is cook and celebrate dinners at home, either with a few friends or a large party. Therefore, in this section we find from an appliance for making fondues even a book of ccteles or a table of marble for the cheese.

In the section of travel (something bound to Lawrence due to his work) what ms we have enjoyed has been the book electronic and a set that includes socks, eye mask, pillow and blanket, all of cashmere. In the kitchen appear from pots, to a cutter for making pasta, or a robot of kitchen the vacuum.

And in the area of the gadgets for the home, a mopping robot, a device that simulates a chef virtual or a speaker are our discoveries favorite. Also in the area of health and well-being are found from an air freshener-mail to a mat for yoga cork or a teapot.