Jennifer Lawrence starts drinking at five in the afternoon


The oscar-winning actress gives a burst to your afternoon of leisure opening up a beer at five, and, eventually, resorted to a bottle of your preferred wine.

The oscar-winning Jennifer Lawrence has not had qualms in revealing some of the most amazing of your daily routine in the recreation, a period which would begin at about five in the afternoon and with an activity that is so comforting, to her at least, as to open up a beer with that disconnect from the problems and obligations.

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Jennifer Lawrence starts drinking at five in the afternoon

Yes, the movie star does not stop there and, over the course of hours, it is possible that you’ve already taken a few drinks of their favorite wines, usually a sauvignon blanc -ideal beverage for the ‘cheeky’, as he joked, before resorting to spirits stronger if requested by the body.

Similar confessions came during a telephone call between the interpreter and your good friend Amy Schumer, who now has a cooking show from the comfort of your home that houses all kinds of fun confessions.

“I try to restrain myself and not start drinking until 6, but the truth is that at five I’m taking the beer prior”, softened in graceful conversation.

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Confinement home

Evidently, the increase in the consumption of alcohol Jennifer it is closely linked to the particularities of the situation of the boundaries of the home in which it is located, marked at times by boredom, laziness, or mere desire to have a nice time with herself. We must remember, however, that these dynamics of the actress, who has starred in a scandalous party with the clan Kardashian, are also not unique to the current context.

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