Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez share their training


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    That Jennifer Lopez it is our muse fitness is something that we openly admit. Its 50 years, the singer has proved to be in a physical form amazing, fruit of exercise constant and, of course, a good power. A life purpose ‘healthy’ that you share with your partner, the former player of baseball Alex Rodriguez, with whom we’ve seen him train on more than one occasion (and machacarle a little bit in the gym, all told).

    Right now both are going through quarantine in their home, with their children, who have also instilled his passion for the sport. So what we have seen in the last video that Rodriguez has been shared in your profile of Instagram, where he shows how it is the daily training they do in the family, both J. Lo as children. A total of five exercises different distributed in 20 minutesperfect for working ‘full body’ butt. We have been delighted to complement our routines, cardio normal or fine to train on those days that we have little time and little desire: it is short, but promises to burn as many calories. And we can also do it at home. Do you dare to do so?

    20-minute workout of J. Lo and Alex Rodriguez

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    • 400-meter race
    • 15 ‘kettlebell swing’: separate the feet to shoulder height, bend at the knees in a position of squat and swing with the weight, by uploading it with the arms up to chest height and lowering it down, to pass it between the legs.
      • 10 push up
      • 15 exercises of the shoulder with dumbbells (alucinamos with dumbbells of 15 pounds lifting Jennifer Lopez ?)
      • 15 ‘bent rows’ with dumbbells bringing the arms back, not to separate them from the sides of the body.

          “You can do this in house trainingeven if you’re not sports equipment. Instead, you can use cans, the bottle of detergent… anything to replace the weight plates and kettlebells,” explains Alex.

          Remember that the training are three series in total, in which you’ll have to repeat the five exercises.

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