Johnny Depp and the image that would expose the to his ex-wife


Once more, the battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard after his divorce it seems farther away than ever from closing, either by the complaintsthe constant allegations or the countless crossings of accusations on domestic violence between them.

Although it seemed that the situation had come to port with the last judgment for the alleged crime of defamation of Heard, now the average north american The Blast has done public a statement the actor on the interpreter, and a image presented as test of an episode in which the actress would have off a cigarette in the face of Depp after having lacing two bottles of crystal and cut him a finger.

What happened

An average north american has published a statement the actor on Heard island and a image
an episode in which the actress allegedly off a cigarette in the face of Depp

Although the actor had already
spoken previously of this event
without delving much (at least according to the version transcended) to disprove the version of his former wife over bumps and bottlenecks, have now come to light the new statements included in the lawsuit against the u.k. tabloid The Sun, at which one can read statements such as “I Had to undergo three surgeries to reconstruct my finger. I was afraid I might lose the finger, the arm and the life”.

According to the media quoted, in the court documents it is said that the 8th of march of 2015, Heard you had a conversation with one of the lawyers Depp about the intentions of the actor to come to an agreement post nuptial, something that “caused Ms. Heard will be angry”.

The alleged assault

According to Depp, Heard would have exploded and we would have pulled two glass bottles, which would have made a cut too deep on the finger

Apparently, such would have been the rage the ex-wife of the actor Pirates of the Caribbean that would have launched at least two bottles of alcohol to Depp, would have caused a deep cut in a finger and then we would have off a cigarette on the cheek.

All these accusations have been accompanied by some images of the actor in the stretcher of an australian hospital that would demonstrate to the calibre of the injuries caused by Heard in that altercation.

As in all previous episodes of showdown, the team of lawyers of Amber Heard was not slow in make statements and deny categorically the version offered by Depp: “This indictment is absurd, offensive and categorically false. This photograph proves nothing, apart from the fact that Johnny Depp is desperate to make any accusation extravagant to divert attention from the physical and psychological abuse continuum to Amber Heard”.

By the umpteenth time, it is the word of one against the othertherefore it can be said that, despite the new information, the war between the two is almost at the same point a few months ago.