Jude Law and Phillipa Coan expecting their first child together, the sixth for him


Despite the fact that Jude Law is considered, to his 47 years, as one of the greatest heartthrob of Hollywood, both in reality as in fiction, the actor seems to have seated the head together with the psychologist of 32 years Phillipa Coanwith that got married by surprise in London in may of last year.

Although the media had speculated that their wedding was a lavish event in a French castle with celebrity guests, finally the couple changed their mind and decided to celebrate their wedding in an intimate ceremony in the city of London with a few assistants, mostly family members.

And now it seems that the happiness of marriage will be even greater with the arrival of a baby, as confirmed by the photographs taken by a paparazzi where we see a tummy in the figure of her and that would confirm a few rumors of pregnancy that come gaining strength since January.

The couple, in Wimbledon. (CP)
The couple, in Wimbledon. (CP)

“Oh, of course (I’d love to have more children)! Absolutely. I feel lucky to be with someone with whom I am having fun more than ever in my life. That includes my older children and the young, who are a breath of joy and fun. I love it, so absolutely, why not (to have another)? I am very lucky to be madly in love with. So the idea of having more children would be just wonderful,” said Jude Law in ‘The Daily Telegraph’ about the possibility of increasing their offspring.

Because even though Phillipa would be first time mother, the actor is an expert in issues of paternity and has already five children from three previous relationships. Next to his first wife, Sadie Frosthad Rafferty (23), Iris (19) and Rudy (17). With the model Samantha Burke had Sophia (10). And, finally, with the singer Catherine Harding Ava (6).