Kate Beckinsale announces his abandonment of the series ‘Underworld’


The franchise ‘Underworld’ helped Kate Beckinsale to become a big star and she had no qualms about re-give life to Selene in all of its sequels, although its presence in ‘Underworld: La rebelión de los licántropos’ were merely anecdotal. A couple of years ago that we saw the unfortunate ‘Underworld: Wars of blood’ and the actress herself has confirmed that it will be his last involvement in the saga.

In an interview granted to Variety asked directly if she would appear in a movie ‘Underworld’ and his reply was emphatic: “would not come back. I have done many.“. In fact, it sounds like it’s Beckinsale has no interest in returning to participate in any kind of blockbuster, pointing out that he has done were the worst experience of his life:

I have made independent movies in the that I sat up in a carpet folded over and were wonderful. I’ve done movies with big budgets that were the greatest misery of my life. It all depends on. In university I studied Russian and French. I have never studied dramatic art, so I’ve always felt everything from the beginning of my career as a time of learning. That frees me up to try a lot of things. I given a lot of freedom. I started in the independent world. Never I anticipated to make these big and very physical franchises. Was afraid to see myself in the movie posters on all sides of each bus.

Remember that Beckinsale was also part of the cast of ‘Pearl Harbor’, ‘Van Helsing’ or ‘Total recall: total recall’, the other two films that fit with the statements of the actress. None of them were too good and were also not at the box office as was expected of them, but it gives me the problems she had as being generally more to their filming…

Yes, do not think that these statements Beckinsale are going to mean death for the franchise ‘Underworld’, because almost a year ago it was announced that Len Wiseman, director of the first two deliveries and ex-partner of actress, was preparing an adaptation for television very different to the movies. Although neither one has seen anything of her since then…