Katy Perry confessed to be suffering from depression during the quarantine | Music

The singer shared some days ago the ultrasound of their future daughter

Katy Perry

he confessed that at this point in your life you do not know that it costs you more to assimilate, if the fight against the virus COVID-19 or the waves of depression that suffers.

The singer is pregnant she shared this thought through his official Twitter account, the same in which their fans with messages of love and some tips on how to cope with moments of profound desolation.

“At times I don’t know which is more difficult to eradicate: the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new standard,” wrote the singer of “Firework“in reference to the confinement that keeps a lot of people to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

As a response to this tweet, many followers of Katy Perry sent words of encouragement.

“Everything will be okay, Keep your light shining!, I love you!” or “Keep your light shining, we’re here! All will be well, my angel”, are some of the messages that was received by the singer.

This is not the first time that the artist of 35 years shared that he suffers from any depression. During his tour, “Witness Tour”, his shows have not had the welcome that she expected of the public.

“I have had episodes of situational depression, I was heart broken last year because, unconsciously, he gave a lot of importance to the reaction of the public, and the public did not react as I expected, that I broke his heart”, he explained in his moment for the Vogue magazine.

This year, Katy Perry announced that she is pregnant and in the last days he shared, through his account of Instagram the ultrasound of the future daughter, who will be next to Orlando Bloom.

In the publication, the singer of “I Kissed A Girl” joked about the sign with the finger, which seems to be doing the small.

“When your child does not cream you gets the middle finger from the womb, you know what awaits you,” joked the singer of 35 years, who is expecting her first baby next to Orlando Bloom.

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