Katy Perry: do you have in mind a disk to Justin Bieber? | Music


In October, 2018, Katy Perry announced to hype and platinum that among his immediate plans was not the recording of a new studio album after everything that happened with his predecessor: Witness. The soloist in california celebrated this year the 10th anniversary of a career filled with successes but also with an agenda of what more tightly.

“I’ve been on the road something like ten years, so I’m going to relax. I don’t think running to make another disk. I feel I have done enough. I feel as if I had been playing the hood being a pop-star very strong and I am thankful for this. I love to make music and compose, but I’m not going to go back to being part of the game anymore. I am simply an artist. I don’t have anything to prove and that is a feeling very liberating,” explained the interpreter.

One thing, however, are the words, and another inspiration for all the things that have happened in your life. Between them, they returned to find the love that broke down in February 2017. After a few years of relationship with Orlando Bloom the couple returned to find the spark that has led them to commit… what do I sounds like that story?

With differences, of course, but it is something similar to what has happened to Justin Bieber. The musician canadian seems to have found the calm and the serenity needed in a woman in order to move forward with his musical career away from any type of controversy. And the result is a disc such as Changes in the account of those feelings that only love (regardless of gender or sexual status) can be achieved.

And if we take a look at the latest singles Katy Perry has released, the idea fits. Eye that we are not saying that that is the only possibility. Obviously the love and the heartbreak move a large part of the songs music of all the artists but the conception of a disk of a diary personal is something very trendy in the recent years.

With Never really over, the californian reworked the song Love you like that. A theme that speaks of a lost love but that can be a new opportunity. The issue is moving forward and that’s going to the song, accepting that the things that have happened in the past are the ones that you have brought to the point in which you find yourself and you must look forward.

After him came the turn of Small Talk that he co-wrote alongside Johan Carlsson, Charlie Puth, and Jacob Kasher Hindlin. Johan Carlsson and Charlie Puth produced the song with Peter Karlsson producing the voices. The lyrics of the song could not be more clear: a couple who didn’t know, who happen to be lovers, and that they return to the status of ‘strangers’ when the relationship breaks down and the conversations become trivial. How autobiographical? Since then it seems…

And so we come to Harleys in Hawaii, proof that if you Katy Perry has in mind an album to Justin Bieber, what you can create. An autobiographical story as she herself acknowledged: “I was recording American Idol and all the world was going to Hawaii and I was dying to go and take a ride on a Harley copn Orlando. We spend a few days there and you know, go mounted on a bike and the wind on the face was very beautiful and amazing. I can describe the exact moment in which fold a corner in Oahu, and I decided to make a song about it”.

Some months ago he made it clear that his intention was still not to publish an album of studio “but yes I’m going to keep writing songs and going to the study. I have a couple of songs that I love and I am so excited to be able to share them in the very near future. And if the body then asks me for a disk…”.

The sixth studio album of Katy Perry continues to be an enigma, but the californian seems to have left some tracks of what awaits us, and each one of your publications on social networks (holiday, preparations for a wedding, congratulations to your half-orange, a celebration of the commitment…) revolves around Orlando Bloom who as I we have played a pivotal role to help you in your depression.

“I’ve had episodes of momentary depression, I was heart broken last year because, without intending it, gave a lot of importance to the reaction of the public, and it did not react as I expected. I broke his heart. The music is what I love the most and I think that the universe was telling me: ‘Okay, you’re saying all this about loving yourself and being authentic, but you’re going to do to pass another test and let you without validation. So you can see how much you love yourself of truth. I’ve gone to therapy following a number of processes and taking medicinal plants… And I’ve had a companion that helped me to find the balance, Orlando, who was also in his own spiritual journey. He has been the wide that hugged me and made me feel the reality. He is not the fan number 1 of Katy Perry but yes, it is the number one fan of Katheryn Hudson”.

Oh Yummy!