Katy Perry, pregnant quarantined, confesses that he cries (a lot)


The singer confessed that the pandemic and the uncertainty about the coronavirus is a thing that affects you during your pregnancy. And told that up is going to the car alone to cry.
Katy Perry far away from your loved ones and your public, is anguish in the face of uncertainty

Katy Perry he told how it is taking forward its pregnancy in this quarantine. While you wait the arrival of her first baby with Orlando Bloomto the singer (used to being surrounded by people) social distancing he is complicating.

Sometimes it is not which is worse, trying to avoid the virus or the waves of depression that come with this new norm”, tweeted the pregnant (who expects a baby with the actor) and generated concern among her fans.

Katy Perry spoke about how he handles her pregnancy in quarantine.

As well, the singer -in quarantine in his mansion in Los Angeles– told via video conferencing in the Capital program Radio that often escape to your self to cry.

The crying by Katy Perry (not Orlando Bloom)

The couple is now expecting their first baby together. It is a baby, Orlando Bloom as he is the father of a boy, Flynn. Photo: Fotonoticias

What did you do when he was asked how he handles the isolation and your pregnancy: what they were concerned about the singer for the physical changes, swollen feet? “My feet are not yet swollen, but I cryyes.

Singer Katy Perry lives out her physical changes with peace of mind. The anguish, the running of the bulls. Photo: IG

I’ve gotten in my car -parked outside of my house- many times and I have closed the doors”, he confessed Katy Perry. It seems that the singer of “Never Worn White” he does it to calm down.

I need to do it, I need my space“ said the singer who just released the single from their album Daisies.

Who is hidden? Katy passes the quarantine with the father of the creature: his couplethe also celebrity Orlando Bloom.

A pregnancy in quarantine

Katy said that the most difficult to pass the pregnancy in the pandemic are the restrictions that imposes.

Katy Perry manages its business (shoes and handbags) from home. Photo: IG

Everyone talks about cravings when you’re pregnant and in my case, to think of them also I think ‘Do I want to risk my life for that craving?‘”

With turban, so are the looks of Katy Perry in your video calls

“There are so many levels of uncertainty that’s really what I like: it is a matter of one day at a time “ he confessed Katy who could begin to give advice to Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix on how to cope with a pregnancy in times of coronavirus.

Cravings-hot Katy Perry

At home, Katy bends over backwards so spicy. Photo: IG

To mention their cravings, Katy Perry he repeated that his remains: became addicted to the spicy.

“At first I was like ‘Traeme indian food or I went out of my way‘. Never in my life want to so many species as the desire now.

So all in all this is that, how much spicy I can take in my mouth,” said the happy pregnant.

The look of Katy Perry for video calls

Even within the house and without a computer prepare, Katy Perry looked fabulous in the video conferencing. The singer chose THE look must-have’s: dand the waist up.

Supermaquillada and with a turban all in pastel shades. The singer accompanied with the perfect accessories: a few earrings long that highlighted everything.