Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence share a surprising beauty ritual


We spend a large portion of your life sitting in the chair of a beauty salon or trying out treatments on the hand of the professionals most respected, main reason why the celebrities they know the best tricks of make-up, hairdressing or skin care. Kendall Jenner is the supermodel best paid in the world and Jennifer Lawrence the second interpreter youngest awarded with the Oscar for Best Actress, two women of success who share the same habit with great benefits for the skin: to have in your home a humidifier. A few months ago the model confessed that this machine has become your best discovery and now it is Jennifer who is included in their wedding list.

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Although it is not yet confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney to marry seven months ago, thanks to Amazon, yes has transpired has been the gift list ideal wedding according to the star. Between your choices highlights a humidifier with a diffuser like the Jenner, that combat the dryness of the environment that allows the skin to stay hydrated (and pretty) no matter the weather outside. As he explains Virginia Sanchez, a dermatologist at Clinical Dorsia: “The use of humidifiers or placing small bowls of water next to the radiators, help to counter moisture loss that occur”.

Although it seems that it is during the summer when the skin will benefit even more from a humidifier by the heat typical of the period, what is certain is that it is in winter when the skin suffers the most by a dry environment, so that the council of the celebrities arrives just in time to prepare before fall temperatures. Both choose your option with the diffuser, a mechanism that allows you to include essential oils that enhance the benefits of the machine. The favorites of Kendall are eucalyptus and lavender, a combination that favors the breathing, relaxes the mind, keeps away headaches and, in general, help you sleep better.

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The favorite of Jennifer’s is the brand Homesick, could be confused with a vase so that it blends in perfectly with the decor and it also sells scents to the diffuser with names as appetizing as ‘Vacation’, ‘France’, or ‘Visit the library’. You can find many other options such as the Aroma diffuser ultrasonic of Aukey or the Humidifier LB-37 ultrasound Beurer. The secret of the famous to enjoy a beauty treatment while you sleep.