Kendall Jenner is sincere, and speaks of their problems of anxiety and stress


The stress and anxiety have become topics of utmost importance in the present, which is good news when it comes to give visibility to everything that has to do with emotional health and the importance of their care is among our highest priorities. For a long time it was believed that the therapy, breaks and treatments against the anxiety were unnecessary, but now (especially after the pandemic caused by a coronavirus) are becoming more important than ever. To test, Kendall Jenner just join the conversation.

In an interview for ‘Good Morning, America’, Kendall Jenner has admitted that despite the fact that activities and jobs have been reduced completely, even so he has had to deal with their problems anxiety and stress. To address these problems, Kendall states that he has been meditating and reading (activities directly related to relaxation and the search of peace of mind), but admits that these problems are not recent, since their first anxiety attack was when I was much younger. And even recounted a bad experience she had, and that was accompanied by her mom, Kris Jenner: “She took me to a group of doctors just to make sure that everything was okay physically. No one told me I had anxiety. Three years ago, maybe four, came back completely and I went back to having panic attacks. Finally, I got the information I needed about it.”