Kim Kardashian changed her look during the quarantine and the psychologists explain why it is a good idea


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Many people are taking advantage of the quarantine to learn new things or try activities that have not previously dared to do. And celebrities are not left behind in this trend.

For example, Kim Kardashian changed her look by taking advantage of their time at home and the psychologists agree with what he did. Why?

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The Kardashian aren’t afraid of the changes to be risky. Thanks to that, have become icons of the beauty trends and fashion, inspire with their looks for many women.


It seems that during his confinement at home, Kim was bored out of his mane chestnut, because in the last few days changed it to a blond platinum that will perfect.


This is not the first time that we see this pitch to the owner of KKW Beauty, but was surprised that it changed after several months of wearing a dark color.

It showed his transformation in Instagram.


It is likely that the socialite tiƱera your hair to perk up during this difficult time, and specialists in psychology endorse your decision, since doing so can be beneficial for mental health.


To some it might seem useless to put on makeup or combing hair when being at home, but the experts recommend YES do it.

The therapist Ciara Molina explains to take care of the personal image during the quarantine period can help to reduce stress and improve mood.

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In addition, the psychologist Anixua Hernandez Vineyard clear that pleased in front of the mirror causes the brain to release endorphins, natural chemicals that promote wellness in the body.

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A change of look can make you feel that you’re taking care of yourself and improve your self-esteem. And it seems that this time at home is the perfect time to try something new, because if you don’t get the desired result, you are in time to modify it.


Also, focus on your personal image can help you to distract you for a while, and of course, spend a fun time. How you will change appearance during the quarantine?

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