Kirby Jenner, details of the new show produced by Kendall Jenner


If the news about the arrival of Keeping Up With The Kardashian Netflix not you was enough, to give the welcome to Kirby Jennerthe new show produced by the own Kendall Jenner in which his twin brother hairpiece is the protagonist, along with the rest of your family Kardashian-Jenner. A new delivery of humor, fights and reconciliations within the house and outside of it that also has the nod of her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. If you are one of those that is not have lost an episode of the show television most successful of the united Statesthen you disclose some details of this new temptation to see the next weekend.

What is the ‘Kirby Jenner’, the new show of the Kardashians?

‘Kirby Jenner’ it is a new proposal for a reality show that seeks to find out more about the family Kardashian-Jenner through the comedian Kirby Jenner, best known for making parodies where he is pretending to be the twin brother lost Kendall Jenner. This daily show will be presented in a short format in the new streaming platform Quibi, which seeks to change the way in how we see a series with videos that last anywhere from four to 10 minutes.

‘I think if someone has seen the schedule for my family, ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’my program is something like this, except that I follow. And I think I do some cool things, I made a planning party with my sisters and I got into a battle with a bird. But yes, my program will launch and I can’t wait for everyone to see’, he said Kirby Jennerin your account of Instagram.

Who is Kirby Jenner?

Kirby Jenner or also known on Instagram as a ‘model, amateur, lover of all things and twin brother of Kendall Jenner’, is an artist that – from 2015 – a parody to the family Kardashian with photos of each one of the sisters to which he adds Photoshop to add to their gateways or interventions in fashion events like the MET Gala, or the covers of magazines. Your account on Instagram has more than 1.2 million followers and has now have their own reality show together with his family, dentures, the Kardashians.

‘The unsung hero of the family Kardashian/Jenner’as has been described, has the unconditional support of his mother and manager, Kris Jenner, in this spin-off where her twin sister, Kendall Jenner, is the executive producer.

‘I am delighted that the viewers of Quibi can see the life of my twin brother and, finally, he will have the opportunity to shine in this series,’ announced the american model.

Kendall Jenner is behind the new series of the family Kardashian: Kirby Jenner

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Where and when can you see ‘Kirby Jenner’, the new show of the Kardashians?

‘Kirby Jenner’, the new show of comedian Kirby Jenner about the family Kardashian-Jenner, that will count with the participation of the clan and some celebrity guests, will be available in the new streaming platform Quibi next Sunday, may 24,. Yes, the same platform on which Jennifer Lopez is as driver of the social support programme:Thanks a Million, which donates more than $ 1 million to people who need it most.