Kylie Jenner falls in love with his youthful look, smoothing and luxurious wallet Hermes vintage custom


The darling of the family Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie Jenner they wowed their fans at the show with a look very juvenile, which he completed with a makeup in shades nude and lip gloss of the same hue, making it beautiful in a photograph that was published since its account Instagram.

The businesswoman in the world of cosmetology off of their curves from the running of the bulls in his luxurious mansion in los Angeles, The dressed in a clingy body white long sleeve with a few boots to the game, that shone from his couch in his lavish living room.

The look Kylie Jenner she highlighted their hair in a hairstyle collected in two ponytails longwith two tufts on its forehead, leaving the rest of her hair free and smooth.

After flaunting her slender figurethe socialite let see in one end of his sofa a luxurious wallet Hermes style vintage customcolour white with black details that their fans deliraron of love.

The look of Kylie Jenner and her luxurious wallet Hermes personalized its fans dream to have it Photo/@kyliejenner

The extraordinary and unconventional that has a portfolio vintage is the design of belgian artist, Jonathan Riss, who makes this accessory a luxurious work of art through your embroidery exclusive.

The exclusive and luxurious wallet is an accessory that million-dollar world’s youngest can enjoy given their style of life, which is presumed from their social networks.

The look of Kylie Jenner and her luxurious wallet Hermes personalized its fans dream to have it Photo/@kyliejenner

The luxury of Kylie Jenner continues to captivate his fans

“My days consist of meetings of Zoom and disfrazarme,” wrote Kylie Jenner at the legend of sensual publication, in which many emphasized how beautiful and different it looked.

‘Devuelveme my bag”, “you look like Lola Bunny with this hair, I love, love”, “great look”, “the portfolio” “awesome” “I would like that my meetings of Zoom to be so”, were some of the comments left by her fans praise its styling, and its spectacular portfolio.

The image up to 5 hours of published, it was already 6 million, and both of ‘I Like it’ and more than 35 thousand messages to his followers, praising her physical attributes and luxury that tends to show the young.

Kylie Jenner continues to meet to their days of quarantine in the midst of the pandemic of the coronavirus, which shares its publications with their fans in the days that passed in his millionaire and new mansion at the side of his small daughter, Stormi.

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