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The pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) did millions of people in the world live in social isolation to avoid being infected, and celebrities have not been the exception in this confinement.

This quarantine has allowed some famous show the natural from their social isolation and the singer Lady Gaga is one of them. Recently, she shared a snapshot which showed in sportswear, and left to see his long hair without retouching.

“Saturday (Saturday)”was the concise message of the artist of 34 years as a description of the image.

The winner of the Oscar made it clear that he has left the luxuries and glamour to spend a quarantine quiet, where the weekend is not out, but one meditates and becomes a sport.

It is worth mentioning that Lady Gaga takes these days to live days of quality with his partner Michael Polansky, a millionaire and inverter technology of Silicon Valley.


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