Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande premiered the video together and this is what we know


Lady Gaga Ariana Grande video
Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. Photo Shutterstock

In early 2020, when no one ever imagined what would hold the year, Lady Gaga talked about the plans for his new album, Chromatica. One of the topics were the collaborations within the album, and he confessed to Paper that would be a song with “a fellow pop star, who also experienced a trauma is immense while he was in the public eye”.

At that time it was not a great track, as all most of the celebs have gone through difficult times which them spread in minutes.

Since then, the rumors indicated that it would be Ariana Grande, and it all made sense. Due to the reference of Gaga would be the concert of Ariana of 2017 at the Manchester Arena, which became the site of a devastating terrorist attack. Now, with the advances of Chromatica despite the pandemic, it is confirmed that Large and Lady Gaga will have a song together. We have all the details about this partnership and the opening of the video.

“Rain on Me”

Lady Gaga Ariana Grande video

This is the name of the song they will play together. In addition “Rain on Me” is the second single official Chromatica. Both already shared photos in advance and described the song. Gaga referred to it as “water as a misery,” while the publication of Large mentioned “tears in my face”.

There is video

The video “Rain on Me” was recorded before the pandemic. With a look very futuristic, following the theme of Chromatica, the celebs have been sharing photos of the behind-the-scenes of the video. The premiere is this Friday and we can’t wait.


Apparently, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande shared a lot during this collaboration. This is the first time they do a song together and be understood perfectly, even on a personal level. Gaga described her experience of working with Ariana and recalled: “I sat down with her and talk about our lives. We are two women that talk about how to move forward and how to be grateful for what you do”.