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About three weeks ago was leaked on the Internet a song extremely catchy. It was rumored (actually, knew) that it was the first single of the sixth album of Lady Gaga, still without title or date of publication. But of course, no one listened to him, because that would encourage piracy. Now listen to it is legal: Stupid love, a theme discopop that appeals directly to the dance of good vibes, it has been confirmed as the progress of the album, that even though she said in October that it would be called Adelenow points to that it will be titled Chromatica. What we know thanks to the final frame of the video, which, incidentally, is an operetta of science fiction rose, cheerful and optimistic as an ad of Benetton. In 24 hours, the video already has, only in his official account of Youtube, more than eleven million views. It would be no exaggeration to say that you have an argument, but according to the cryptic text that can be read on-screen, there’s an idea behind it: “The world is drowning in conflict. And while The Spiritual pray and are asleep by the justice, the Punks of the Kindness fight for Chromatica”.

The video for ‘Stupid love’, the new song from Lady Gaga

The actress and singer in new york, which is still savouring the success of A star is born, movie 2018 I even got a nomination for the Oscar for Best Actress and for which she won the best original song (Shallow), does not seem concerned about the leak, which seems to see it as something almost inevitable. “The recordings have gone through so many different people… there Were a lot of interactions because we all wanted that the result was perfect and literally no one cared who put their hands on them always, and when it was the best thing that you could give to the world and that a meaningful, authentic and completely me,” he said in an interview shortly after the release of the video.

The rest of the song, Gaga explained that although during the recording of the album felt sad, depressed, and “cried constantly”, he was able to turn it into something positive and optimistic “we’re Definitely dancing,” he concluded.

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