Margot Robbie still has more scenes of “The Suicide Squad” to film


In a history of Instagram, the director of the film James Gunn I affirm that Robbie still has scenes to film “The Suicide Squad”.

Margot Robbie he debuted as Harley Quinn in the movie “Suicide Squad” of 2016 and returns to the continuation of James Gunn, it should be noted that this new installment is not a sequel, but rather, as mentioned, a continuation with the original storyline of the first film.

History of Instagram from James Gunn

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Gunn Also said that he has only seen some scenes “Birds of Prey”, which supports the notion expressed by the producers of “Birds of Prey”that the film is not trying to fit in with the escuadrón suicide.

So soon, we will have to wait patiently James Gunn and his team of stars to finish recording “The Suicide Squad” and to wait for the emanzipación of Harley Quinn in “Birds of Prey”

The Suicide Squad debuted in August of 2021 and Birds of Prey premieres February 7.