Mariah Carey releases video for “All I Want for Christmas is you”


To celebrate its famous christmas carol, is currently number 1 in the united States for the first time in 25 years, Mariah Carey premieres new music video for “All I want for Christmas is you”.

In the clip, it appears Mariah dressed as Mama Noel singing under the approval of the very Santa Claus. Although apparently it is a doll, comes to life in the imagination of a girl in whose mind unravels a feast of idyllic environment meganavideño with snow, skaters, and everything you would expect.

The girl protagonist is in the midst of this celebration totally amazed and played with bears, soldiers of lead and giant opens gifts while Mariah dances and sings and even with angel wings as the diva that is.

“All I want for Christmas is you” has never been number 1 in the united States and, even though I had already been close the past year, stayed in the 3 with the urge to get to the end, which was inevitable sooner or later: the number 1 this week on the singles Billboard Hot 100.

Have had to spend 25 years, but finally “All I Want for Christmas is you“gives Mariah Carey her nineteenth number 1 in their country -the diva is on a hit equal to the Beatles-. All a case of unstoppable popularity absolutely timeless.

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It remains to be seen now is whether it will remain at the top of the Hot 100 now that we enter into the christmas season itself and are expected to increase even more downloads and listeners, that already is the christmas carol most famous of all time. What of the days 24 and 25 December can be, in fact, record definitive.

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