MET – Max Ehrich boyfriend of Demi Lovato had tuiteado in 2011 that his desire was to get out with the artist (+TWEET)


Max Ehrich boyfriend of Demi Lovato was published in 2011 that his wish for christmas was to go out with her and this year was fulfilled.

Apparently the theory that if you ask something to the universe is true, it is true, since the current boyfriend of the singer, Demi Lovatothe actor and dancer Max Ehrich wrote in 2011 that he wanted his gift of christmas off to go out with her.

In this sense, the desire came almost 9 years after being published but now the man of 28 years old is in a stable relationship with the pop singer and they have been going through quarantine together.

Demi Lovato Max Ehrich

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It should be noted that, Demi and Max were made public recently after isolated together in a house by the pandemic, and if outside little, both shared a romantic kiss in the music video of Ariana and Justin, “Stuck With U”.

From there the couple has been sharing moments together, and this week, Demi went up a story giving demonstrations of affection with her new boyfriend, and even shared the tweet of Max 2011.

Demi Lovato Instagram

Finally, the singer and close friend of Demi, the songwriter Sam Smith said about their relationship: “he seems happy in this moment”, while another informant close said “Max plans to propose marriage to Demi after it resolves all this pandemic”.

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