Mia Khalifa and his photo without clothes more daring of 2019, in the New Year 2020 there will be more


Some weeks ago, this same 2019, the former actress in adult films Mia Khalifa shared in their stories of Instagram your body without clothes in a bath tub covered in roses so that it became one of his photographs more beloved.

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As you well know the now entrepreneur has been dedicated to promoting some commercial establishments through commercials or ads on Instagram.

The model was autopromocionando a calendar in which the protagonist of each month is she wearing her lush and voluptuous body. On this occasion, Khalifa shared what possibly will be the next to photographs of your calendar which you can request and have an autograph of the pretty businesswoman.

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Four years have passed since Mia Khalifa left the film industry for adults, despite having asserted that he would not return to the industry after his disappointment of the same, not to say that I miss that time in that it was (and remains) one of the women most searched on google to see their old videos.

Perhaps part of that reason which inclined to engage in making their own calendars to elicit curiosity among its followers and the public who dreams of having a night with her.

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Mia posed in a bath tub white color filled with petals of roses, to the naked eye you can see not carrying any clothes, however in her torso seems to wear a bra however, manage to see only strips hinting that it does not cover anything that piece of red like roses.

Despite the fact that in the stories that someone else publishes you can not see the data of people who have seen the videos or screen shots it is possible however that of the 18 million followers, with the which account for a large percentage of them have seen time and time again their videos a bit daring.