Mia Khalifa boasts his abdomen with video of before and after


Known for having great attributes Mia Khalifa does not showed on this occasion, what he presumed was his abdomen marked doing a comparison of before and after.

Since more than a year ago he decided to start exercising, that although many will say that he did not need a woman will always be vain and Mia he took his decidión.

Proud of your physical appearance Khalifa did not hesitate to share it with their followers those who have already risen to 20.3 million on Instagram.

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“A year ago today, vs. TODAY, At least now I know that Robert says seriously when he says he loves me at any weight, because what was proposed to me Before”, he shared in its publication.

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In the video that you shared there are two Mia Khalifa very different despite being the same person, where it appears “before” despite the fact that looks pretty good, with more curves perhaps the model was not enough, as in the “after” proud display of your abdomen checked.

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In spite of that, as everything seems to indicate he reached his goal looks very thin, so much so that many of their followers and several internet users have declared that even looks like a sick woman by his extreme thinness.

So constant we see Khalifa doing his ejercios something that has really helped is that not done alone, but with a coach that tells you what area to exercise and how much time to do it.

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This goal of losing weight and mark your figure has been perhaps a dream fulfilled for Khalifa since in past interviews he stated that when he was a teenager I suffered a lot of bullying as it was a girl with overweight, and now having a figure so exquisite, it was an achievement total.

Whatever your weight, your personality oversteps and surely both your partner as friends, and their fans will be ongoing loving her for her way of being.

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