Mia Khalifa lights up Instagram with her immense rear in pose for the gym


Mia Khalifa is one of the women most sought after on the internet since becoming a trend 4 years ago, so any publication with just this in the gym and being able to appreciate them in their rear this becomes a trend.

More and more videos are the users request continuously as his admiration for the now entrepreneur does not stop growing.

Recently became a whole businesswoman and model where by means of calendars promotes your still exquisite body.

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“In case you’re wondering what it seems to do with resistance of zero weight. A thank you to @superbinx for committing your way to get that video,” part of the description of the video.

The comments that Khalifa has received from its 18.3 million followers you mentioned that she is an inspiration because despite already having an exquisite body has no problem with continue exercising day-to-day to stay healthyor maybe it does so he can eat what he pleases.

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Everything seems to indicate that you have little time going to the gym because previously he had not shared photos or videos of this style, or perhaps it could be that simply was not interested in doing so.

Mia Khalifa for those not in the know, not always had his statuesque body, because when he was still teen had problems with overweight, although not as marked but to her, if it was, but thanks to a great effort and physical diet balanceda managed to have the figure today crazy any man or a woman respectively.

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Despite the fact that Mia is not devoted to making movies for adults, any publication that shares a little high tone causes a furor on the internet, perhaps the users want to return to your old job yet Khalifa he stated that he ended up disappointed of this industry and that he would not return to work there.

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