Miley Cyrus directed the new music video of her boyfriend Cody Simpson


Miley Cyrus directed the music video of the last launch of her boyfriend, Cody Simpson. It is called “Captains Dance with the Devil”, that launches this Thursday on the digital platforms. To this end, the american artist, I had taken over tasks of style, cinematografa and makeup. The singer visti women’s clothing and maquill. Also us accessories luxurious. The couple encamin in a creative process that is leaving good reviews. They have a romance of eight months, and take advantage of the quarantine to produce and promote their work. The running of the bulls the is very active.

Simpson is 23 years old and Miley Cyrus is 27 years old and a few das shared on Instagram how to frolic in during in confinement. They ensure that the relationship is going well, but the msico clarified that it does not intend to marry, for now. In an interview to The Sydney Morning Herald suggests that you create in the marriage, but said that there still est very young for commitments. You would prefer to enjoy your dating with the interpreter Malib. “I just follow rodendome of positive women who inspire me and I teach him new things all das”, expres.

After separating from Liam Hemsworth, the protagonist of the series Hannah Montana following on with your life and now est enjoying with Cody. It all started with rumors last October that ended up being ratified, and we now show openly his love. Simpson has left to see what love is, but we put limits to the subject matter. Assured him that being with her is a wonderful thing because it is creative and inspirational, fiercely independent and always motivated to maintain their identity. “We’re both creative, and we help each other in our work”, we sincer.

He said besides that Miley Cyrus is your muse when writing. Manifest that there is something of romance in some of the poems that he has written. And ‘ can be about Miley.” He added that it is inevitable that his private life is not reflected in their work. Indic that celebrate the months together. Cody dared to be sincere in social media and public: “six months with you are worth a lifetime with any other person”. Be inspired to drop that phrase on Instagram. “I love you”, I wrote at the end of the brief message that accompanied a black and white photo of the artist.

The fanticos of the singer of Jolene noticed last February that she had deleted all of the photos taken on Instagram next to Simpson. This was interpreted as a rupture. The last time that Cyrus did something similar was when it split from the actor Liam. But declaring a public love of Cody discard any gamble. Cyrus prefers to be cautious about this new relation, after his unsuccessful and brief marriage to the Hollywood star. They were married on 23 December 2018 and separated in August of 2019.