Millie Bobbie Brown sends message to Chile, and invites us to see Godzilla in the Costanera Center


An invitation to a particular event is the one that did Millie Bobbie Brown next to Thomas Middleditch. A that has to do with the film share cast, Godzilla 2: the king of The monstersAnd Chile the Costanera Center.

“Hello, friends. Oh Godzilla is the monster greatest of all! That’s why we want to invite you to see a special screening at the Costanera Center, the largest building in Chile!”says the actress who gives life to Madison in the tape which will be released on the 30th of may in our country, in a video that was disseminated by the official account of Warner Bros.

Immediately after, your partner, who plays Samadds: “Don’t miss the Wednesday, may 29, in the evening, so that you can see how big it is”.

As said Middleditch, the image, of which we do not know the details, you will be able to see the Wednesday, 29 may at 20:00 hours. “It will be gigantic!”, said the company.