Millie Bobby Brown thrilled his followers with this tender picture | News


The naturalness of Millie Bobbie Brown has captivated their fans inside and outside of the screens. The actress in Stranger Things is assiduous to teach to his followers moments of your private lives as well as videos and photos with your little sister, or, how, on this occasion, with his grandmother. Millie shared a black and white image in which he is hugging his grandmother on the couch, leaving a stamp grandmother-granddaughter to remember. The image has enternecido all of his followers, who have not hesitated to comment on the publication and fill it with likes, and is that the picture builds up as more than 1.400.000 I like. Next to the snapshot, the interpreter has written a few emotional words dedicated to her grandmother: “I am so lucky to have in my life to some powerful women, ambitious and full of love, they teach me everything I need to know and I deserve as a young woman,” said Millie. “Dementia is one of the worst and most terrifying things of the world and to see my grandmother go through this is heartbreaking, but to remind you who I am and all of our memories together makes me smile in the face of everything else, granny. To all who are watching a loved one go through this, remind them the love they deserve. I love you, grandma”, the end Millie, leaving a message to all their followers.