Myrka Dellanos receives harsh criticism for the size of your cheekbones and Mary Celeste comes out in his defense


They accused the mom of Alexa Dellanos abusing the botox and to attack the driver had to admit that she has gained weight

Myrka Dellanos recently spoke with the mexican singer Yuri, and under the publication of this video in the account of Instagram of The Red-hot there was a comment that made her react to María Celeste Arrarás, who did not hesitate to come out in defense of her friend.

“Why are your cheeks swollen. This was the message that gave rise to the exchange of comments between Myrka Dellanos and some users of Instagram.

The first response to such a disgraceful question gave the very mom Alexa Dellanos: “Because they have always been so, and increase weight.❤️”.

Sadly another user of the network he inveighed against Myrka adding to the uncomfortable answers with a: “Is past of ” botox”. Myrka, who is now part of The Red continued to speak with respect to those who were attacking their image, and on the use of botox said: “Sorry beautiful but I don’t have botox now.”

But the words of Myrka Dellanos failed to calm the situation, as they again lashed out against her, claiming: “And these cheeks so stuffed from what is dear”. This comment made Maria Celeste Arrarás to add to the conversation by stating the following: “Honestly it’s of very bad taste and this type of comments. They are cruel and unnecessary”.

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