Nicki Minaj returns to social networks to announce your new project | Currently


From that Nicki Minaj he announced his retirement from music, his fans will have been wondering on what would have been investing your time. But now we already know the answer.

The rapper ended his break from the social networks, in which there was no signs of life from November 2019, will delight us with new content. The first of them is a selfie of an outfit that only she could look, but the second has to do with a new project that has been dedicated.

Nicki will appear on the new season of RuPaul”s Drag Race as a judge invited to evaluate the talent of its contestants. “I am going to fulfill one of the dreams I have had since long ago”, noted in his Twitter profile. As expected, his followers did not take long to celebrate. Although it has not been the only innovation that has brought his army.

The interpreter Tusa announced its collaboration with Meghan Trainor, Nice To Meet Yathat has come to this same January 31, with a video clip of the most eighties. Come on, Nicki has finished with his retreat to deliver what their followers both were yearning for: new music! As expected, his return has been celebrated by the more than 20 people who follow your activity on the social networks.

While it is true that everything seems to indicate that Nicki can’t come off of his biggest passion, music, still is not official that it will delay the desired motherhood, by which he announced his retirement. Who knows? Maybe it was some movement to your marketing department to capture the attention of your followers.

But Nicki does not lack anything of it, since everything they produce is gold. So, Nicki, continues to produce that gold and deléitanos with your new themes.