Noah Cyrus reveals the trauma he experienced growing up in the shadow of Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus became ‘girl Disney’ when interpreting Hannah Montana, and this served him to find fame at a very early age. Since then his career has been riddled with successes and his private life has always been in the spotlight of the international press. This however it was not easy for her sister Noah, who has revealed that he suffered a real drama to live in the shadow of her sister: “That would always be in the background was high, which I listened to all the days, all my life. I would never be good enough for various reasons, either by my physique or my way of being,” he confessed through a direct Instagram.

During this direct, the young man broke even to cry. Also, Noah is a singer just like her older sister and in his latest song, ‘Noah Cyrus’, he has written a series of verses in which he explains how they have been all these years growing up with the shadow of Miley: “My sister is like the sun / taking in the good light where ever you go / And I was born to bring rain clouds / blessed in their shadows,” sings young in a part of their composition. How can we appreciate these verses constitute a complete statement of intent which reflects as it has been this time.

Another point that has been noted is that all the damage that has meaning in this time came not only from his family, but also of many followers of her sister: “I think that it is clear in the message of the second stanza. Born in the family in which I was, all I did spend a hard time by the difficulties that come with being the little sister of Miley. I always felt that he was the one person that no one cared, because of what people said to me on the Internet”, it has been reported.

To finish, the young man has wanted to transmit to his followers as was the ordeal which he lived: “It was absolutely unbearable. You are young, you know the Internet. It has been very hard for me, so that has been quite complicated to convey through this song.”

Noah Cyrus, a life away from the cameras

Despite the fact that Noah is not as well-known as her sister, nor has it enjoyed the same opportunities that she has been known to found herself the green beans and working your way through the difficult world of the music industry. The young man has managed to sneak several times in the lists of greatest hits and has a large army of admirers.

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On the other hand, another of the facts that stand out in his personality is unlike her sister Miley, Noah runs away completely from the cameras. We know few details of the intimate life of the artist as, for example, the relationship remained next to the rapper Lil Xan.