Nutritionist of Adele shares his strategy for his patients to lose weight


Dr. Dominique Fradin-Readthat has tried and has led to Adele in this new stage of life and healthy weight loss shared a half estadouinidense what are the secrets to achieve a successful result.

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“Start by telling my patients that when it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise alone will not be sufficient in the majority of cases”, he explained, the medical Us Weekly. Fradin-Read speaks of the imperfection of the diets without control by an expert for the so-called rebound effect, which makes you recover all the lost or even more.

“I try to make it visual and make all of them imagine a plate divided into several parts: green vegetables should occupy approximately two-thirds of the plate, protein of good source one-third and the last part is reserved to the carb”, he has told. “You can also add some good fats, such as olive oil, avocado or nuts.”

For successful weight loss, according to the doctor, we must look at the whole person and not just address the weight in advance. For this account, which analyzes in his patients things as diverse as the metabolic function, insulin, hormones, thyroid, cortisol, stress, sleep, mental health and food habits. “When you deal with all these elements, we can then begin a personalized diet”.