Oh Botan! Yuliett Towers more wet that never makes it in front of the cameras


Is to go out by the television for the first time and people will enter one that I know I don’t know what that makes you want to turn it off or get it to record to remember such an embarrassment. Has happened to all the famous. And it is not something that this diagnosed as a disease, but what is certain is that things are not that simple when for the first time you focus the camera and you have an entire country seeing.

You went to the and the largest. Happened a not many years Rosalia. Out in Spain at a Talent Show and I was unrecognizable. From his look to his voice. Both of these things seem so normal, so vulgar, which one would have a hard time believing that sings, and this time yes, very badly, that song is the same as that now fills theaters in the united States and with his looks… full publications comments.

Last week the debut on american television was Yuliett Towers. The model of fitness took a lot of time behind this dream and you’ve finally done it. Doing what he knows best, giving fitness classes and leaving the entire audienceis time yes, glued to the tv.

And it is never a debut was long-awaited by millions of people. Since he announced on his Instagram everyone wanted to see it live. And so it was. He was quiet, smilingwithout losing the calm in no time and making it clear that things work when you know what you doing.

With a top set blue, teaching the flat belly that they have worked, and some pants of the same color and also well-adjusted, teaching leg and rear, began to do exercises buttocks. Just have to see her to see that work. Broke a sweat and filled with moisture to the dish. But it was just and necessary. As she does not there are two.