OMG! Jennifer Aniston is wearing the engagement ring Brad Pitt


If there was a moment that was immortalized and which filled us with emotion, apart from that it became viral, it was in the last season of awards (to be more exact, at the SAG Awards 2020) was when Brad Pitt took the hand of Jennifer Aniston unexpectedly and congratulated for having won a prize, thanks to his great work on The Morning Show.

Brad also won an award, and did so in the category of ‘Best supporting Actor’ for his excellent interpretation of Cliff Booth in the critically acclaimed film ‘once Upon a Time in Hollywood’. So, the famous ex-couple was talking very happy for a few minutes and congratulated each other.

But, what no one had noticed until recently was that beyond the smile that had Jen in that time, Aniston proved that Pitt was still very special for her with your choice of accessories for such an occasion.

How Jennifer Aniston used the engagement ring from Brad Pitt at the SAG Awards 2020?

The answer seems to be YES! According to a recent publication of the Daily Mirror, the star of ‘Friends’ used the amazing jewel with which her ex-husband asked her for marriage (in 1999) on this great award