Oops! I Did It Again: 20 years Ago, Britney Spears came from another planet | LOS40 Classic


I remember that I barely met the age of four when I started to listen to a Britney Spears alien on tv. Oops!… I Did It Again came a march 27, 2000 to consolidate Britney as one of my new divas of the favorite music, without knowing I the meaning of “diva” and what it entailed.

But that video in which the planet Earth through an astronaut, discovered the talent of our protagonist marked my life forever. My father remembers when he tried to mimic her movements in front of the tv and I suggested to my mother that I needed a change of look. I, with four years, a change of look. I wanted their wicks blondes!

Of course, this did not go unnoticed, and my parents began to get interested in that girl that wanted to copy her only daughter (for the moment). Already had been heard in …Baby One More Timebut they did not know that new hit from Spears was going to sink so deep into my musical tastes. The dance-pop came into my life for always. To mine and to millions of people who fell rendered to the rhythms of the singer.

Oops!…I Did It Again forms part of the second album of study of Britney and managed to get with several gold records and platinum, collapsing the lists of international hits and creating an army of loyal followers that would be willing to give any part of your body to change to look like her.

And is that this release will remain forever in our memories… until in the of the own Britney, and that is worthy of mention. We have to remember that your personal life, as well as its trajectory, have been carried out by countless milestones that have made their way into a real roller coaster of emotions. But remember, the stage of Oops!… I Did It Again with images as fresh as us, is remarkable.

So what has been shown in a publication in your social networks. An image of the recording of this legendary (and extraterrestrial) video clip along with a few words that have been full of nostalgia our memories. “Oops! How 20 years have passed so fast? I can’t believe it. I remember that I had a lot of heat with that red suit… but the dance was fun. And shot me to fly. Now we are sitting in quarantine wishing that we were in Mars. Of course, I am kidding. But seriously, I have given a lot of support on this song and I thank you. I send much love,” he said.

Of course, I with four years was not known if that outfit was hot or not, but yes I was aware that the choreography was able to lift the spirits to anyone. Something similar happened with some of my co-LOS40. Without going any further, Miriam Rubio admits that he also insisted his father to this hit sounded non-stop from the screen of your laptop.

Paula Hergar was also a Britney Spears. “I learned the choreo and in my room I had to myself as it were in a concert. He spoke in front of the mirror. Gave all the thanks and all,” he admits. Yes, not everyone remembers to have become divas. In the case of my colleague Adriano Moreno, confesses that reminds Britney of Oops!… I Did It Again as one of the “few times that it was string.”

Be that as it may, the diva musical marked a before and an after with the publication of this song that has now transcended to mark the younger generations. Its music video has already exceeded 251 million copies, although it does not include the many that my tv issued during those years. Happy 20th anniversary, Britney!