PHOTO SPECTACULAR Famous singer, naked, mind-blowing to fans


Almost 2 million views, which is said soon. Again, almost 2 billion views. It is what leads to a YouTube video clip, which has devastated all the more since the subject came up, and already many months ago. Without pajamas, hit reggaettonero of Becky G and Natti Natasha.

If you call me, we go pa the house, we were in bed, no pajamas, no pajamas. Shakespeare in a pure state. Now therefore, the 50% of this llenapistas has shown that it is very well without pajamas or tracksuit, or any piece of clothing above. Because Natti Nastasha has wild fans with a publication that is at the limit of what allows the censorship of Instagram.

natti natasha photo


The dominican Natalia Alexandra Gutiérrez, better known by his nickname artistic, has published a photo spectacular on social networks, accompanied only with a bathrobe and giving a glimpse of step the tri-tattoo that looks in the right leg. A lovely picture that has generated a lot of praise on the part of his followers.

natti natasha naked


More than 2 and a half million likes. And up and up. Note that with all that he does, is right.

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