Rihanna, filtered photo showing off their attributes without bra


Rihanna, filtered photo showing off their attributes without bra(AFP)

Rihanna, a filtered photo showing off their attributes without bra | AFP

It was by means of an account of Instagram showing Rihanna sitting in a chair apparently basking in the sun, how awesome is that not wearing a bra so that left her attributes outdoors.

The singer is originally from Barbados but currently reside in London, England where there is not much sun to let’s say, for what is sure to prove their trips to tanning your skin.

Rihanna is in constant activity, both in their social networks as well as in your business life however, are your curves that will steal the attention of all its activities.

In the photo that apparently is a fan page to continually show photos and videos of Rihanna to delight their followers, and although sometimes share photos or videos uploaded tone does not exceed the rules of Instagram.

Despite the fact that the photo protagonist of this note appears, the performer of “Love on the brain” without bra had the delicacy place two emojis in your intimate areas so that you have not broken the rules of the application and avoided the censorship.

Look at the picture of Rihanna, click here.

Although it is not the first time that Rihanna apparent showing their intimate areas above as in several music videos or appearances in public have used transparent clothing just seeing only the skin and not a transparent fabric before it is impressive and somewhat maddening for their fans.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is his full name, but she only uses as a stage name his middle name, although when you open your line of intimate apparel opened as the brand Fenty that is his last name is something different because it is not associated at the beginning with his artistic name because for a long time it was just “Rihanna” but today, it is already a part of it as your company.

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