Roland Emmerich incorporates Halle Berry, to his cinema of catastrophes


Los Angeles.- The director Roland Emmerich, one of the biggest names in German cinema, will be in front of the camera in his latest production film-catastrophe Moonfall the actress Halle Berry, according to published journals american Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

In Moonfallthe Moon is moved in its orbit by mysterious forces and is heading towards the Earth. A motley crew of rescuers is sent to the space to avoid the catastrophe.

Berry, the first african-american who won the Oscar for Best Actress for her role in Monster”s Ball (The past condemns usin 2002, will play a former astronaut, while Josh Gad will be the scientist who predicted the disaster.

The start of filming is scheduled for the fall (boreal) in the city of Montreal, Canada, if the restrictions by the pandemic coronavirus permit, in accordance with the information.

Emmerich and co-author Harald Kloser wrote the screenplay of Moonfallafter having already worked together on the screenplays for the films 10,000.C. and 2012.

After the sensational success of 2012 in the first week of screening, the filmmaker announced that this would be their last film disaster.

The filmmaker, who is 64 years old, was born in the German city of Stuttgart, and filled the box office with other films of the genre as Independence Day (1996), its sequel Independence Day: Counterattack (2016) and Midway (2019).